A Trout Angler Reflects.

It’s around half past six in the evening as I’m writing this and it’s already dark. Properly dark. The slide towards winter is underway, and although there is much to look forward to – the cream of the year’s chub and barbel fishing, shoals of grayling, frosty mornings chasing pike – as the daylight dwindles…… Continue reading A Trout Angler Reflects.

Scaled Down.

Tonight I was swiping absentmindedly through photographs on my phone as I often do, when I faltered on a handful of shots from last September: pictures of a tiny, boulder strewn Cumbrian beck. Unassuming in appearance, but possessing a wild, intimate beauty, and, as it transpired, a plucky population of beautiful wild trout. Immediately I…… Continue reading Scaled Down.

A guide to worming for trout: Part II

In the first part of this attempt at a little instructional guide to worming, I reflected on why I believe this often controversial technique has a place in modern game fishing, before touching upon when and where the method is best employed. In this second post, we’ll have a look at the gear required and…… Continue reading A guide to worming for trout: Part II